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ON the following pages you will find information that will help you to understand the (relatively) new marketing and technology phenomena called QR codes. When QR codes first started to appear there was a bit of confusion about what exactly they were and why they were everywhere.

QR codes are a type of multi-dimensional barcode that allows a user to store information about a product, business or even a person. They can be easily read by a mobile phone with an installed scanner application.

QR codes, once scanned can direct you to a mobile friendly website, a video or audio clip or even a mobile business card, known as a vCard. The can be used to boost business by increasing visibility, offering rewards for customer loyalty and introducing new products or services. Individuals can use QR codes to promote themselves on social media sites, business cards and even resumes.

While the QR code itself looks rather complicated they really are a simple bar code that can be created using online software. The process for a simple QR code is usually free of charge. It is a quick step-by-step process that even the technologically challenged can accomplish.

Learn where you can get a QR scanner for your phone, and how to choose the right one. Discover how many places there are to begin the creative process that will give you a QR code of your own. Get information on the various and sometimes unusual uses for QR codes. You might be surprised to discover where they are showing up.

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