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While QR codes are popping up everywhere, those little boxes of information will not tell you anything at all without a QR code app on your phone. QR codes are veritable fonts of information if you can read the data that has been encoded in them. A QR code is a two dimensional barcode that can hold over 7000 characters of info. Scanning one of these codes allows access to information about a business or a product without needing a computer. 

The scanning or reading of a QR code is achieved by the use of a cell phone, typically a smart phone, with a QR code app downloaded. Once you have the app it is a very simple process to open the app, point your camera at the code and see what info you have been directed to. It might be a phone number for your phone to dial, a mobile friendly website or even a video tour of the factory that manufactured the product you scanned. So where do you get the QR code app?

All that is required is a trip to the App Marketplace on your phone. You can also access information about the apps on the Web. If you use the marketplace option you will not need to enter any information about your phone or its operating platform as your smartphone is “smart” enough to do that for you. There will likely be several options available for the phone you are currently using. You can read the product specs before you download. You can also check out user reviews.  This gives you a chance to see how users feel about a specific QR code app before you load it onto your phone.

If you decide to do your research on the internet before you make a download decision you will need to have information about your phone. Not all QR code apps are compatible with all operating platforms. This information may be available by accessing the settings option on your phone. If not you might be able to find out what your OS (operating system) is by searching for your phone on the net. If this only leads to confusion you can contact customer service for the necessary info.

Below is a list of some of the QR code apps that are available for smartphones:

NeoReader: iPhone app that can read QR codes, Aztec codes and Data Matrix codes.

QR Scanner Pro: Blackberry app that has the advantage of not needing to activate the camera on the phone. Simply point the phone at the QR code and the info is available on the screen.

I-nigma: QR code app that works on most smartphones.

Quickmark: app with both a Windows Mobile version and an Android version.

Jaxo Systems: runs on Java enabled phones.

This short list is only a fraction of the marketplace. Check out StickyBits, Optiscan, ScanLife, RedLaser, and TagReader to name just a few more. The list goes on and on. Do your research, download your QR code app and explore the world of QR codes.

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