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Business cards are everywhere. We collect them and assume that if we hang on to them they might come in handy someday. If you are anything like me you probably have some business cards in the bottom of your purse, in your desk drawer, on the visor of your car and under your bed. Chances are good that even if you wanted to contact someone from one of those cards you would have a very hard time finding the one you are looking for. There must be an easier way of keeping this information organized.

Enter QR code business cards! They look a lot like a regular business card but they have a definite technological advantage. A QR code is a small, black and white box that can be scanned by a QR code reader. Some smartphones come with a reader app pre-loaded. If yours did not don’t worry. These readers can be easily downloaded onto smartphones. Many readers are available, some for free and some requiring a small fee. The codes are a two dimensional barcode that can transmit personal and business information. And they are showing up on business cards.

Old fashioned business cards will contain enough pertinent information for you to make contact with the person on the card. Name, address, phone number, email address and even a picture are usually found on business cards. Traditional business cards are bulky and difficult to keep track of. They are very easy to lose and when they get lost the information goes with them. While old-style business cards have worked for many years we are becoming a technology dependent society. QR code business cards may be the solution to keeping information at our fingertips.

QR code business card information is similar to traditional business cards. They contain print messages as well as graphics. In addition they will contain a QR code. Scanning this code can allow a potential customer to enter data into the phone book of their smartphone. This insures that info is more available when it is needed.

A QR code business card has the advantage of allowing you to personalize the information that is made available to potential customers and clients. Depending on the business or service you are trying to promote you might include art work or music in the code. It is even possible for you to offer an incentive to those who scan your QR code business card. A discount on services or a special offer may be just what it takes to get the holder of the card to use your company instead of a competitor. When your business card is scanned and your data pops up on the screen your personalization can make you stand out.

While many people will continue to use the ‘old fashioned’ style of business cards there is a new option available. If you chose to use the new technology in the form of QR code business cards you may find that you are boosting your business and your company recognition. You may even save money if the availability of your code means you do not have to have new cards printed as often.

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