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Answers to frequently asked QR code questions.

  1. What is a QR code? A QR code is a two-dimensional bar code that is encoded with a URL, text, video, audio or other data that pertains to a business or individual. 
  2. What does a QR code look like? QR codes are pixelated boxes, usually black and white with squares located in the upper left; upper right and bottom left corners. Although colors can be altered and logos included the corner squares will always remain intact.
  3. Who uses QR codes? QR codes can be used by major companies, small businesses and individuals to link offline info with online content.
  4. 4.     How can I read what the code says? All it takes to read a QR code is a cell phone with internet capabilities and a camera. A QR code reader/scanner must be downloaded onto the phone.
  5. Where do I get a QR code reader for my smart phone? QR code readers are available by searching the applications available for your cell phone. This can usually be done by accessing the App Marketplace right on your phone.
  6. What QR scanner should I choose? Not all scanners are created equal. The best way to choose what is right for you is to do a little research. There are many reviews for scanner apps on the internet. Compare and choose a scanner based on the options available for your own situation.
  7. How do I use a QR scanner?  Once a scanner has been downloaded to your phone using it is very simple. Activate the app, point the camera towards the QR code and wait. The camera may take a moment to focus on the code but when it does a scan will occur. Depending on the scanner app that you chose the info may pop right up on your phone or you may need to click a link.
  8. What information will I receive when I scan a QR code? The info received will vary from company to company. You may be directed to the mobile version of the company web site. A coupon or discount code, directions and contact information, games, videos and audio clips are also possible. It will depend on what purpose the company had for creating the QR code.
  9. How do you get a QR code?  QR codes are easy to acquire. All you need is a QR code generator and the information you wish to include. Codes can be generated right from your computer in a fairly short time frame.

10. Where can I find a QR code generator? Generators are available on the internet and are offered by many companies. A little time spent doing research will enable you to make an educated decision about which QR code generator to choose.

11. How much does it cost to generate a QR code? Some companies offer their generators for free and others charge a small fee. It will depend on which option you choose.

12. Can I track how many people scan my QR code? Yes you can track the number of users that scan your QR code. Tracking programs are available from code generators.

13. Where did QR codes come from? QR codes originated in Japan by a company called Denso-Wave and were first used in 1994. They were used to track vehicle parts. They are used in a much larger capacity now.

14. Can I customize my QR code? Yes you can customize your QR code. Customization is available but usually there is a fee.

15. What are the advantages to using QR codes? There are several advantages to using QR codes. Visibility, increased low cost advertising, the lure of new technology and the chance to pull in a new group of customers are all good things that can come from QR codes. You also have the ability to use a bit more creativity in your marketing. Some companies are using QR codes to get customers involved in games or scavenger hunts that lead to prizes. This sort of advertising can create a buzz that may not occur with printed advertisements.

16. Are the disadvantages to QR codes? While using QR codes can open up a new market they can also close you off to a segment of the market. Not everyone owns a smart phone with scanning capabilities. There will always be people who won’t trust the technology used to promote QR codes. The disadvantages will most likely fade as awareness of the QR codes themselves increases. Marketing statistics also show that smart phone purchases are on the rise.

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