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Have you ever heard of QR codes? If you are one of the many people who own a smart phone there is a good chance that you know what they are. QR codes are barcodes that can be scanned and interpreted by the camera on your smart phone. Smart phone QR code readers will allow your camera to behave like a scanner that will be able to read the QR codes. These two dimensional barcodes can hold over 7000 characters of information that can be easily transferred to your smart phone.

A QR code reader app can be downloaded to your smart phone if one did not come pre-loaded on it. These applications are available from a variety of sources. Go to the App Marketplace on your mobile device and search for QR code readers. It is a simple process to download the reader of your choice and can be done quickly. Having a cell phone QR code reader available will allow you to access the information in a code almost immediately.

When you use your QR code reader and scan a code you will receive encoded information in a variety of ways. The data may appear as a URL, text, video, music, picture, map or even an audio clip. The benefit to mobile QR codes is that fact that they can be accessed while you are on the move. You do not have to have a computer handy in order to find the material you are seeking. By activating the QR code reader on your phone your camera will scan the code and either the information will immediately appear on the screen of your phone or you will be asked what you would like to do with the info. Some apps have the benefit of storing the data for you to review at a later time.  This is helpful if you are in a hurry and perhaps see something that catches your eye. You could quickly scan and save until a later date.

Mobile QR codes can allow you to access discounts and promotions from manufacturers and businesses. They can let you hear a music clip from the band playing at your favorite hangout this coming weekend. They can direct you to a website where you can make purchases without benefit of a store or a computer. QR codes can give you directions to your destination, let you play a game. Personal QR codes might give you a heads up regarding the friend of your friend who is looking for a job. The technology is readily available and not expensive and these are definite advantages. They can, however, only reach the population that has a smart phone. As technology advances that will likely be a greater percentage of the population but it does limit potential use somewhat.

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